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PSITE-NCR 16th Annual Consultative and General Assembly: Fostering Collaborative Growth in IT Education

The 16th Annual Consultative and General Assembly of the Philippine Society of IT Educators-NCR Chapter (PSITE-NCR) illuminated the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing IT education. Held on June 29, 2023, at Adamson University's Co Po Ty Audio Visual Hall, the assembly provided a platform for Deans, Program Heads, and Chairs of PSITE NCR institutional members to convene and deliberate on matters vital to the field.

A Vibrant Partnership: GetCre8ive's Commitment

Central to the success of the assembly was GetCre8ive's steadfast sponsorship. This partnership underscored the profound relationship between the two entities, built on years of shared vision and purpose. As Bel Roxas, Chief Curator of GetCre8ive, highlighted, the collaboration between GetCre8ive and PSITE-NCR epitomizes the intention to create positive change in the educational sector. The partnership resonates as a beacon of hope for IT education's transformational journey.

Voices of Appreciation: Kent Panopio's Perspective

Kent Panopio, GCC alumnus Creative Catalyst, lent a personal touch to the assembly. In expressing his gratitude, he praised PSITE-NCR's commendable initiatives to elevate IT education through workshops and seminars. Kent's sentiments encapsulated the assembly's essence, applauding not only PSITE's dedicated efforts but also the collective spirit that drives meaningful change in the academic landscape.

Reflections and Future Endeavors

The assembly concluded with a sense of accomplishment and a forward-looking perspective. Participants engaged in dynamic discussions, fostering a deeper understanding of industry trends and challenges. Beyond knowledge exchange, the assembly served as a networking hub, solidifying professional connections among attendees. 

The PSITE-NCR 16th Annual Consultative and General Assembly exemplified the synergy between education and industry partners. It illuminated the potential for growth and innovation when like-minded entities join forces for a common cause. Through a united commitment to enhance IT education, PSITE-NCR and GetCre8ive have set a precedent for meaningful change, shaping the IT landscape for years to come.