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GetCre8ive is the leading provider of innovative products, services, tools and technology to the Philippine Creative Industry. We started out as a distributor of Getty Images in the Philippines. Now, we also represent Covideo - the number one video-email platform for business and Printensify - a custom printing solution powered by HP printers. We are also a Certified Reseller of Adobe focused on the promotion of Creative Cloud for Teams. We are "foot-on-the-ground" for the brands we carry - providing real-time support to advertising agencies, creative studios, marketing departments, graphic artists and other creative individuals and groups, making sure that our customers have easy access to them round-the-clock. Learn More

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GetCre8ive was founded to offer clients with much more than just high quality images. We are here to provide a highly personalized service that ranks second to none in our industry. To learn more on how to place orders Learn More

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Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams Now Available! - GetCre8ive customers can now subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams: an ongoing membership that gives customers access to all of the Adobe Creative Suite 6 desktop apps and much more. Learn More

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Basic Digital Imagery Terms Defined - Below are some basic digital imagery terms and their meanings: Pixel: is actually a contraction of the words picture and element. A pixel is the most basic component of a bitmap image, and is often heard when referring to the resolution of an image (300 ppi or pixels per inch). In most cases, the term can be intercha...Learn More

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GetCre8ive is now a Certified Reseller of Adobe actively helping creative customers get their teams on Adobe Creative Cloud.

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The price of images and footage are available online at gettyimages.com. However, if you need help with getting a price quote for images, footage and music clips, please email your lightbox to info@getcre8ive.com.ph or fill out the form below:

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